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Restaurant City Park

You can enjoy a delicious lunch or a tasty dinner in our modern restaurant with views over the Binnenschelde lake. Culinary enthusiasts will be astonished by the original dishes on the menu. which is put together inspired by fresh, seasonal produce. The restaurant is a fantastic place for dinner for all kinds of groups. 

Bar brasserie

Our charming bar-brasserie is the place to come for a cocktail or a digestif.

Opening hours

  • Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Lunch: 12:00 PM –  5:00 PM
  • Dinner: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Late night snack: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM



  • Pomodori soupsoup of Pomodori tomatoes with pesto6,50
  • Potato soupslightly creamy potato soup with spring onions and a hint of truffle6,50
  • Soup of the seasonchanging seasonal soup6,50
  • Cream soup of porcini mushroomswith beef ravioli and Amsterdam onions9,50


  • Hot beefstir-fried beef, mushrooms, red onion, cashews, chilli and oyster sauce15,50
  • Goat's cheese saladsoft goat’s cheese, pear, pomegranate, gingerbread croutons and raspberry dressing 14,50
  • Classic caesarcrispy chicken, bacon, egg, Grana Padano, anchovy dressing and croutons14,50
  • Smokey salmonsmoked salmon, fennel, daikon, avocado, mesclun and caper dressing15,50

Bread & co

  • Classic club sandwichsmoked chicken fillet, matured cheese, bacon, egg, tomato and mesclun9,50
  • Veggie sandwichgrilled bell pepper, green asparagus, spring onion, avocado, pumpkin seeds and hummus8,50
  • From the seasalmon salad, tuna salad, egg, pickle, Amsterdam pickled onions and mixed lettuce 9,50
  • Naan breadpoached pear, walnuts, goat’s cheese, tomato, spring onion, rocket and honey8,50
  • Carpaccio sandwichthinly sliced topside beef, sun-dried tomato, Grana Padano, assorted seeds, rocket and homemade truffle cream9,50

Hot lunches

  • Croquette sandwich2 beef or veggie croquettes with coarse mustard8,50
  • 'Sunny side up'3 fried eggs with country ham and cheese8,50
  • 12 o'clock specialtraditional beef or veggie croquette, mini Strammer Max, a cup of seasonal soup and salmon salad11,50
  • Farmhouse grillede cheese sandwichcountry ham, cheese and mustard dip5,50


Scrumptious appetizers

  • Bread platterfreshly baked bread, truffle butter and aioli4,50


  • Pomodori soupsoup of pomodori tomatoes with pesto6,50
  • Potato soupslightly creamy potato soup with spring onions and a hint of truffle6,50
  • Soup of the seasonchanging seasonal soup6,50
  • Cream soup of porcini mushroomswith beef ravioli and Amsterdam onions9,50


  • BLUE tastingtasting of small dishes (changes daily)12,50
  • Carpacciothinly sliced topside beef with sun-dried tomato, Grana Padano, mixed seeds, rucola and a homemade truffle cream12,50
  • Smoked fish tartlettartlet of smoked trout and salmon with sweet and sour fennel and lime mayonnaise10,50
  • Spicy prawnsprawns cooked in red pepper oil10,50
  • Rosé roasted duck breastduck breast with mustard cream, red beets and flat leaf parsley10,50
  • Vegetables & falafelgrilled vegetables with crispy falafel, avocado, daikon, salted walnuts and hummus9,50

Main coarses

  • Chef's choicea meat, fish or vegetarian dish by the chef!19,50
  • Steak 'de Paris'grilled steak with roasted red onion and herb butter22,50
  • Mixed grillsteak, spare rib, chicken fillet and pork tenderloin medallions with garlic sauce21,50
  • Guineafowl suprèmeguineafowl fried on the skin with a creamy Calvados sauce20,50
  • BLUE Burger100% beef burger on a brioche roll with Old Amsterdam cheese, caramelised onions, bacon, tomato, jalapeño peppers and homemade truffle cream16,50
  • Chicken satayskewer with marinated Gildehoen chicken with krupuk, acar, crispy onions and satay sauce16,50
  • Zanderfried zander with grilled Dutch leek and a white wine sauce21,50
  • Salmon fillet Hollandaisesalmon fillet with Hollandaise sauce and grilled green asparagus21,50
  • Avocado & rösticrispy fried avocado burger with rösti of parsnips and a hot caper dressing17,50
  • Raviolifilled with spinach and ricotta, green asparagus, Grana Padano and sage butter17,50
  • Side dishesTraditional chips | Roasted roseval potato | Seasonal salad | Grilled vegetables3,50

Children's menu

  • Tomato souphomemade tomato soup4,25
  • Fried haddock filletwith artisanal fries8,50
  • Beef croquettewith artisanal fries6,50
  • Pancakewith icing sugar and syrup6,50
  • Fresh fruitbowl of fresh fruit4,25
  • Children's ice creamchildren’s surprise ice cream4,25


  • Dame blanche with a twistvanilla ice cream, banana bread, thin chocolate biscuit, warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream8,50
  • Crunchy caramelcaramel ice cream, vanilla ice cream, syrup waffle, whipped cream and caramel sauce8,50
  • Panna cottapanna cotta of white chocolate, amaretti biscuit crunch and a cardamom sauce8,50
  • Belgian wafflewith warm cherries and yoghurt ice cream8,50
  • Cheese platterassorted Dutch and foreign cheeses, raisin bread and apple syrup 13,50
  • Delicious treat(s) with your coffeebonbons, brownie, banana bread, chocolate-covered coffee beans and a Dutch biscuit"7,50
  • Dessert to shareA variety of sweet treats and ice cream (for 2 persons)

Special coffees

  • Dutch coffeeYoung Jenever, cane sugar, espresso, cream7,25
  • Irish coffeeBushmills Irish Whiskey, cane sugar, espresso, cream7,25
  • Italian coffeeAmaretto, espresso, cream7,25
  • French coffeeGrand Marnier, espresso, cream7,25
  • French coffeeGrand Marnier, espresso, cream7,25
  • Spanish coffeeLicor 43, espresso, cream7,25


Cake and pastries

  • Traditionally baked apple piewith whipped cream3,90
  • Red velvet cakewith a vanilla and filling4,50
  • Browniewith whipped cream4,50
  • CheesecakeNew-York style with a crispy biscuit base4,50
  • Belgian wafflewith warm cherries, whipped cream and powdered sugar5,50
  • CombidealCoffee or tea with apple pie5,50

Hot drinks

  • Coffee2,85
  • Espresso2,85
  • Double espresso (Doppio) 3,90
  • Cappuccino 3,10
  • Caffè latte 3,10
  • Latte macchiato 3,10
  • Decaf 2,85
  • Tea2,85
  • Fresh mint tea 3,70
  • Hot chocolatewith whipped cream3,60
  • Special coffees (see desserts) starting at7,25
  • Make your own teaFresh mint | Ginger | Honey | Lemon | Lemongrass | Cinnamon stick | Orange | Star anise | Cardamom | Lime3,90


  • Fletcher water Still I Sparkling 33 cl2,85
  • Fletcher water Still I Sparkling 75 cl 5,15
  • Chaudfontaine Still I Sparkling 25 cl2,85
  • Chaudfontaine Still I Sparkling 100 cl 3,85

Cold drinks

  • Coca-Cola I Coca-Cola Light I Coca-Cola Zero2,85
  • Fanta Orange I Fanta Cassis I Sprite 2,85
  • Fuze Tea Sparkling Lemon I Fuze Tea Green tea 2,85
  • Finley Tonic I Fïnley Bitter Lemon I Fïnley Ginger Ale 3,10
  • Rivella 3,10
  • Fresh orange juice4,50
  • Minute Maid Apple I Orange I Tomato 3,10
  • Chocomel I Fristi 3,10
  • Home Made Iced Tea 3,70
  • Crodino 3,70


  • Leyenda Dry sherry I Leyenda Medium Dry sherry 3,75
  • Ruby port I White I Tawny 4,00
  • Martini White I Red 3,50

Dutch distilled

  • Junger Genever3,50
  • Gereifter Genever 3,75
  • Vieux3,50
  • Beerenburg 3,50

Foreign distilled

  • Ron Perla Del Norte Carta Blanca 3 years 4,75
  • Ron Perla Del Norte Carta Oro 5 years4,75
  • Ron Perla Del Norte Anejo 7 years6,00
  • Captain Morgan White 4,75
  • Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 5,00
  • Jägermeister3,50
  • Campari4,00
  • Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka 4,75


  • Johnnie Walker Red 4,75
  • Johnnie Walker Black 6,50
  • Bushmills 4,75
  • Jack Daniels4,75
  • Bulleit Bourbon 4,75


  • Baileys 4,75
  • Amaretto4,75
  • Grand Marnier4,75
  • Licor 43 4,75
  • Luxardo Limoncello4,75
  • Frangelico 4,75
  • Southern Comfort4,75


  • Calvados 5,25
  • Julia Grappa5,25
  • Martell VS Cognac 5,25
  • Remy Martin VSOP Cognac6,50
  • Armagnac 5,25


  • Aperol SpritzAperol, prosecco, sparkling water, orange6,50
  • Gordons Gin & TonicGordon’s Gin, Fïnley Tonic, lemon8,25
  • Gordons Pink Gin & TonicGordon’s Pink Gin, Fïnley Tonic, red fruit8,50
  • Tanqueray Gin & TonicTanqueray Gin, Fïnley Tonic, lime8,50
  • Tanqueray Ten Gin & TonicTanqueray Ten Gin, Fïnley Tonic, grapefruit9,75


  • Bavaria (5.0%) 25 CL2,75
  • Bavaria (5.0%) 50 CL5,00
  • La Trappe Dubbel (7.0%)4,50
  • La Trappe Tripel (8.0%)4,75
  • De Molen Hop & Liefde (4.8%)5,50
  • Bavaria Alcohol-free (0.0%)3,50
  • Bavaria IPA (0.0%) 3,50


  • Fletcher's Bubbels5,00
  • Fletcher's Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc4,50
  • Fletcher's Cuvée Chardonnay4,50
  • Fletcher's Cuvée Moelleux4,50
  • Marina Lounge Chardonnay - Semillion4,75
  • Fletcher's Cuvée Cinsault Rosé4,50
  • Fletcher's Cuvée Merlot4,50
  • Fletcher's Cuvée Cabernet Sauvignon4,50
  • DuCo Cabernet Sauvignon - Carménère4,75
  • Light Live Sparkling Rosé4,50
  • Light Live Chardonnay4,50
  • Light Live Cabernet Sauvignon4,50


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